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FY2006 DB (Dynamic shearing test)

Description of tests and equipments

Description : PDF

Download stress-strain curves

Data description :  PDF

  Testing conditions     Data files  
  Hardness:65, tanδ:0.27, Testing temperature:-5 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:65, tanδ:0.27, Testing temperature:23 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:65, tanδ:0.27, Testing temperature:40 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:50, tanδ:0.20, Testing temperature:-5 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:50, tanδ:0.20, Testing temperature:23 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:50, tanδ:0.20, Testing temperature:40 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:65, tanδ:0.05, Testing temperature:-5 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:65, tanδ:0.05, Testing temperature:23 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:65, tanδ:0.05, Testing temperature:40 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:50, tanδ:0.03, Testing temperature:-5 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:50, tanδ:0.03, Testing temperature:23 (Celsius)     zip  
  Hardness:50, tanδ:0.03, Testing temperature:40 (Celsius)     zip  

Analysis with general-purpose software programs

Hardness:65, tanδ:0.27, Testing temperature:23 (Celsius), Amplitude :1mm, Frequency:0.2Hz -- 15Hz